The one where The Great British Bake Off went gluten free!

Last night’s episode of the Great British Bake Off couldn’t have been greater unless we’d been asked to join the team as their personal tasters.

Because at last, Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry and the five remaining contestants championed flours other than the standard wheat flour –  including gluten-free!

And there was not a soggy bottom in sight.

We love gluten free

Flour Power

At the beginning of the programme, contestants were challenged to make a loaf of bread using unconventional grains. Christine made a gluten-free loaf and the judges praised it for its texture and taste, A real winner.

The technical challenge was a Mary Berry meringue dessert known as a Hazelnut Dacquoise which was entirely gluten-free.

Coeliec UK writes “It was wonderful to see gluten-free being mentioned on such a popular prime time programme which will no doubt help raise the profile and awareness of gluten-free. We will continue to liaise with the producers to encourage them to consider another gluten-free element in future series.”

So if that’s inspired you to get baking, or you’re looking for a great gift for your star baker. try our Gluten Free Baker’s Gift Set

Gluten free bakers essential gift basket

You can catch Tuesday night’s BBC’s Great British Bake Off on iPlayer.

We’d also love to hear about your favourite gluten free bakes in the comments below.

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