Christmas craze for edible gifts made simple

Forget expensive perfume and the latest gizmo, edible Christmas gifts are all the rage this Christmas. And if you’ve not got time for gluten free home baking or are looking for  foodie ideas, we can help.

Our bakes, sweet treats and chutneys are sourced from the finest gluten free producers and have all the great taste of home cooking.

Add a stylish basket or box and a personalised message and you’ve a thoughtful and tasty gift in just a few minutes.

So while supermarkets stock up on jam-making kits and storage jars in expectation of a Christmas rush and even celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver publish online guides to making edible Christmas gifts, you’ve the perfect way to give your family and friends edible gluten free gifts without having to do any washing up.

Gluten free Christmas Hamper

Popular gifts expected to be given this Christmas include home-made chocolates, sweets such as fudge and tablet, chutneys, jams aand  alcoholic drinks. We have sourced them all.

Most importantly of all,  our gluten free foods have been chosen because they taste good.

Scottish Gluten free Christmas puddingIf you are looking for a gift for people specifically for Christmas Day – something that might make the day a little easier or provide a special treat, try our award winning gluten free Christmas pudding.

Scottish Poacher's PicklePickles and chutneys are great Christmas pressies as they will last in the cupboard for a while. Take this Poacher’s Pickle from Dumfries and Galloway – perfect with meat and cheese.

Gluten Free Sticky Toffee Pud

And don’t forget the sweet treats!  This gluten free Sticky Pudding is a wonderfully decadent dessert.

Choose whether you’d like us to hand pack all your favourites in a traditional wicker basket or festive red box, select your preferred delivery date (we deliver Monday to Friday and you can book a date up to 6 months in advance!), write a few words we can include in the hamper, and that’s one more Christmas gift off the list.

And remember, no washing up!

No washing up

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