Father’s Day Gifts: Gluten Free Hampers delivered UK-wide

Now that your dad is watching what he eats, wouldn’t it be great to give him a gift hamper that will work with his gluten free preference?

Giving your dad a gluten free gift hamper, or creating a truly personalised gluten free hamper filled with his favourite foods, will give you the confidence that your Father’s Day gift will support his healthy eating. As well as show him how much you care.

Best of all, the Father’s Day Gift will be delivered to his door. Please order by Monday, 15th June 2020 to avoid disappointment.

Here are a few gluten free gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day.

Indulgence without the gluten

lee rooney - Indulgence GFOur Indulgence hamper is brimming with gluten free treats which can be savoured on their own or combined together to create a family feast – if your Dad would like to share of course! Smooth and coarse pates made in the traditional French method, delicately smoked cheeses from the south of Scotland, rich cakes and biscuits, pasta sauces and sweet snacks are hand packed into a traditional wicker hamper, along with superb champagne and our favourite red and white wines. Sure to last far longer than just one Father’s Day, it is a gift that continues giving.


The Easy Bake Gift Box

Gluten free easy baking gift box

Gluten free doesn’t mean cake free and if your Dad likes to dabble in the kitchen this will be the perfect gift for him. The Easy Bake Gift Box provides you with all the ingredients you need to make fabulous bakes in your own home including mouth-watering chocolate cake, moist cranberry and blueberry muffins and home-made pizza. Delicious.


Sweet and Savoury Gluten Free Selection

lee rooney - Sweet & Savoury Selection GF

If your Dad likes to relax with his favourite foods on Father’s Day, our selection of sweet treats and savoury nibbles with be just the thing. He can experience a day of bliss and luxury tucking in to a gently smoked salmon pate and gluten free oatcakes, luxury biscuits, gooey chocolate puddings, apple crisps and lot more. 


Personalise your gift

Because we hand pack our hampers to order you can add a little something to your chosen hamper to make it extra special.


And remember to let us know what you’d like written on the personalised card we place inside the hamper too.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 01360 504252.

unsplash-logoDerek Thomsonderek-thomson-528231-unsplash

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