Free and Easy – Five delicious gluten free cakes & desserts delivered

Not so long ago, the challenge of providing a gluten-free option for afternoon tea or a dinner party would put most people in a spin. These days, however, there is a huge array of tasty bakes available to make gluten-free living easy and more fun. Best of all, we can deliver them right to your door in one of our tasty gluten free gift hampers.

Here are five of our favourites.

Fruit Cake
Finding a rich, moist fruit cake that is gluten-free can be challenging, but here you have it. Baked using rice flour and plumped full of currants, raisins, sultana, mixed peel and glace cherries, you’ll enjoy every crumb on your plate.

Double Chocolate Brownies
No matter how much you’ve eaten, there is always room for a brownie or four. These double chocolate brownies are gooey and rich with chunks of milk chocolate. Serve with fresh fruit and berries, and hot chocolate sauce too, if you’re feeling truly decadent.

Traditionally served for afternoon tea, but great as a summer dessert too, it is the crunch of shortbread pieces, mixed with plump raisins and indulgent dark Belgian chocolate that makes tiffin one of our favourite gluten-free bakes.

The Lazy Day team hand bake all of their cakes, biscuits and tray bakes from their dedicated free-from bakery. The bakery is totally gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free, and there are no nuts on-site either.

Christmas Pudding
Admittedly a seasonal choice, but Christmas Pudding is such an essential part of our Christmas celebrations, we couldn’t miss it from our list. Finding a good gluten-free version has been challenging but Ann Hustwit and Hilary Jenkins from Co Durham have revised a traditional recipe creating a gluten-free version that is succulent, fruity and full of flavour.  Delicious served with
brandy butter.

Millionaire’s Shortbread
Strictly speaking, this is not a dessert, but the combination of golden dairy-free caramel, crumbling shortbread biscuit and rich Belgian dark chocolate is too glorious to miss. Like the tiffin, it is another winner from the Lazy Days team and is not to be missed.

It’s great to experiment with these gluten-free cakes and desserts to experience their different textures and flavours. If you need advice, please get in touch.

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